Week 5 lab

Week 5 lab - Bio 124 Evolution and Organismal Diversity...

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Bio 124 Evolution and Organismal Diversity Winter 2012 Group Member Names: ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ Grade: ______/20 points Week 5 Lab Bacterial Diversity What are some key characteristics of bacteria? Small cell size Prokaryotic cell structure Lack internal organelles Commons shapes are spheres (cocci) and rods (bacilli) Some form long filaments Some are photosynthetic (called ‘cyanobacteria’) A. Microbial safari Microbes can be found everywhere in the environment including on and inside of you. In order to obtain samples of bacteria to examine we have conducted a microbial safari. First we swabbed a location and then transferred the cells onto an agar plate. The plate contained BHI (Brain Heart Infusion) agar which is a general, complex media that will support the growth of most heterotrophs. The bacterial cells are placed on the agar to promote cell growth and isolation. The plates are incubated for 24 hours at 37°C and then placed at room temperature until the lab is conducted in order to encourage the growth of bacterial colonies. A bacterial colony by definition is a visible mass of cells that arose from a single cell inoculated on agar. You have been given two microbial safari plates. One plate is a culture from a skin swab and the other is a culture from an environmental swab. For each of the microbial safari plates: Record the source of the culture. Draw the distribution of colonies for each plate. Be sure to use colored pencils to distinguish when colonies have coloration. Record the total number of colonies found on each plate.
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Week 5 lab - Bio 124 Evolution and Organismal Diversity...

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