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COM 230: Appendix 1 (Giving your first speech) 1. Much research has been conducted on public speaking anxiety, and many articles containing practical tips for overcoming public speaking anxiety have been published. Find one such article on this topic (hint: search for communication apprehension , stage fright , or public speaking anxiety ) which provides a stress management technique not covered in your textbook which you feel may be helpful in alleviating stress; summarize this method for controlling nervousness, and be prepared to summarize your findings in class. Reminder to cite your source of information in proper APA or MLA format. Post both your 1-2 paragraph summary and the link to the article on the class website under the “Managing Anxiety” discussion thread. 2. Analyze the following 2-minute student speech introducing a classmate to the rest of the class. Refer to guidelines outlined in Appendix I of your book to discuss those factors this student uses to make this speech effective. What structure does the speaker use to organize the speech? What does the speaker do to unify different aspects of Paul’s life? What else does the speaker do to appeal to his listeners (other college students)? How could this speech be more effective? Cite specific lines or paragraphs of the speech in your
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COM230AnxietyArticleHW - COM 230 Appendix 1(Giving your...

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