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1. One effective way to improve your public speaking skills is by critiquing others’ speeches. Select one of the following TED (Technology, Education & Design) talks and analyze the speakers’ delivery and use guidelines outlined in Chapter 12 of your textbook. As you watch the video, record your observations about the speaker’s 1) voice , including volume, pitch, rate, pauses, vocal variety, pronunciation, and articulation; 2) body language and physical actions , including personal appearance, movement, gestures, and eye contact; 3) overall delivery and presence , describing how it added to or detracted from the message, and 4) point out at least two specific delivery techniques you saw that you might wish to incorporate, OR avoid, in your next speech. After you record your observations, summarize your findings in several paragraphs. TED Talk #4: Malcolm Gladwell on Spaghetti. Google “TED Gladwell Spaghetti” or Voice : Malcom Gladwell has a very natural, clear, articulate voice. He speaks at an even, somewhat slow pace. His pauses do not sound fake, or planned, and he varied his vocals according to each line of his stories about his friend Howard. Body language and physical actions : Malcom Gladwell is dressed in neutral colors, but in a somewhat formal manner (blazer, button down shirt). His appearance does not distract from the speech and fits the occasion. He moves back and forth a little, but not too much to be distracting or unnatural, and he varies his eye contact as he moves back and forth. He also uses his hands for the funny moments of his stories, and serious points in his speech. Overall presence and delivery : My impression of Gladwell’s speech was that he was an expert on trends throughout the 21 st and 20 th centuries, was relaxed and confident, and very laid back about standing up before the crowd. Two speech delivery techniques : Gladwell had a brilliant way of pausing right when he got to the point of each story, but each pause was so natural you could barely tell he was doing it. He also kept his facial expression minimal without too much enthusiasm, concentrating on the speech and the audience, as well as his verbal delivery. I tend to try to look too enthusiastic when I give a speech, which is why I have problems with being nervous. I would like to try giving my speech in a more conversational tone, because my voice naturally does have variation and some enthusiasm. One of the things I thought Gladwell did best was keep his pace even. I have an issue
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COM230HW12 - COM 230: Chapters 12, 13, Appendix 2...

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