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COM 230: Chap 15 & 16 (Persuasive Speaking, cont.; 1. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR PROPOSED SPECIFIC PURPOSE STATEMENT FOR YOUR PERSUASIVE SPEECH IN YOUR ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION FOR FULL CREDIT . Speaker credibility becomes even more important when trying to persuade others. List at least three factors you believe make YOU a credible speaker about the topic of your persuasive speech. Make sure to refer to those guidelines on speaker credibility outlined in Chapter16 of your textbook in your answer. Be specific in describing how you plan on applying these factors to sustain the audience’s perception of your credibility throughout your entire speech. A) Explain my competence: I will explain to the audience that I have researched the Drexel construction/expansion plans for the future, and used this information to form my opinion. B) Explain my common ground: “As fellow Drexel students, I’m sure you have noticed how the campus has become overrun by the large Freshman class this year, with more construction necessary now more than ever.” C) I will also work to deliver my speech confidently and fluently, thus, the audience will be more likely to believe that I have credibility. 2. Select a TV or online commercial that is organized using Monroe’s motivated sequence. Prepare a brief analysis in which you (a) identify the specific purpose of the commercial; (b) identify the target audience for the commercial and (b) briefly describe each of the FIVE steps of the sequence as it occurs in the ad. Weight Watchers Online Commercial v=nrwTB_yPuKc a) The specific purpose of the commercial is to get the audience to join Weight Watchers Online, an interactive site you can access on your computer or smart phone any time, and keep “hungry” (illustrated as monster) away all day long. b) The target audience is career oriented women who do not have much time to focus on healthy meal choices at work and at home with family. c) Attention: the commercial starts by relating to the audience’s issues with feeling hungry during the day. Need: the commercial states that there is a need for an easy way to keep yourself from being hungry all day and making bad food choices. Satisfaction: the commercial states the solution is to use the Weight Watchers online tools found on its website to keep “hungry” away multiple times a day. Visualization: the commercial shows you how to go on the Weight Watchers website at home, work, and on the go with your phone. It also shows you the tools you can use to custom your meal choices. Action: the commercial tells you to go to Weight Watchers online to “stop dieting, start living.”
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3. Watch innovator Mike Biddle’s TED talk on recycling plastics, organized in Monroe’s motivated sequence. Briefly describe each of the five steps of the sequence as they occur in his speech. Hint : Pay close attention to the “Visualization” stage, as it happens quickly! Is this
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COM230HW15 - COM 230 Chap 15 16(Persuasive Speaking cont...

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