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COM 230: Chapter 5 (Adapting your speech to a specific audience) 1. Below are three general speech topics and, for each, two hypothetical audiences to which a speech might be delivered. For each topic, write a brief paragraph referencing techniques outlined in the chapter to explain how you might adjust your specific purpose and message according to the characteristics of this audience. Remember to include demographic and situational considerations in your answers. a. Topic: “Superconductivity” Audience #1: 50% physics majors, 30% engineering majors, 20% music majors Since most of my audience consists of students with technical backgrounds, I would include much more terminology and theories in my speech. Also, since so many students would already have some interest in physics, the knowledge could be more sophisticated, and less real world examples would be necessary. My sources would need to be credible, thus to keep possible skepticism in mind. Audience #2: 40% English majors, 40% business majors, 20% physics majors For this audience, my purpose would be to peak the interest of students not majoring in physics. I would include a “story” about the basis of superconductivity in the introduction to carefully introduce the topic. I would also keep the information about superconductivity to an elementary level, based on the audience’s knowledge. Since most of the class is not particularly interested in physics, I would also keep the terminology brief and include real world examples. b. Topic: “Sexual Assault: The Biggest Campus Crime” Audience #1: 8 0% female, 20% male Since the majority of the class is comprised of women, my speech’s purpose would be to show respect and sensitivity to women affected by sexual assault, but at the same time to give credible information about assault affecting both men and women. I would provide information about how campuses are trying to prevent this crime as much as possible, and try to steer away from giving the audience negative opinions, like women’s (possible) lack of self-defense. Audience #2:
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COM230HWChap5 - COM 230: Chapter 5 (Adapting your speech to...

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