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COM230HWChap6,7 - COM 230 Chapters 6 7(Supporting Materials...

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COM 230: Chapters 6 & 7 (Supporting Materials) 1. Each of the following statements violates at least one of the criteria for effective supporting materials discussed in your book. Identify the flaw/s in each statement: a. According to a study conducted by AT&T Mobile, there is no evidence that the use of cell phones is a major cause of automobile accidents. This statistic does not quantify the speaker’s ideas; “no evidence” is not as persuasive or believable as a percentage or number of some kind. b. Figures compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the median salary for lawyers in the U.S. is $87,945. This shows that lawyers average almost $88,000 a year in salary. The median salary is not necessarily representative of the average salary. Speakers often use median to make the numbers seem lower than they actually are. Also, median and average are by no means the same, so you cannot say both for this statistic. c. As Angelina Jolie noted in a recent interview, the United States needs to change its environmental policies or it will soon see a dramatic increase of health problems due to air and water pollution. Angelina Jolie is not necessarily a reliable source for this information; organizations that are unbiased are better to use for testimonials and statistics. d. I don’t know why insurance companies should charge higher rates for drivers under the age of 25. All my friends drive a lot and none of them have been in car accidents. This information has no reliable source or actual statistic or data to back up the claim, and is poorly written, so the information will not be believable or professional. e.In the words of one expert, “Creating a national health insurance system in the U.S. would be extremely expensive and would not improve the quality of health care for most Americans.” This testimonial needs to have the expert’s name and/or associated company/organization to establish credibility. f. In a random survey conducted last month among members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 99 percent of respondents opposed using animals for medical experiments. Clearly, then, the American people oppose such experiments. The speaker cannot jump to conclusions about what the American people believe as a whole, especially based off one survey. g.According to The New York Times Almanac , California has the largest Native- American population of any state in the union—420,501. Arizona is second with 286,680; Oklahoma is third with 278,124; and New Mexico is fourth with a total Native-American population of 183,972. The speaker needs to use the statistics sparingly, concentrating only on the most important information to not bore listeners.
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2. Be specific in describing what type of additional supporting material would you need to have before accepting the following statements excerpted from past student speeches: a. “Studies show that over two thirds of college students nationwide are sleep deprived.” I would need to know information about studies and surveys conducted by an unbiased source, such as by researcher for the American Psychological Association. Perhaps a
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COM230HWChap6,7 - COM 230 Chapters 6 7(Supporting Materials...

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