Ch. 11 quiz (2)

Ch. 11 quiz (2) - d pairing up of homologous chromosomes...

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Quiz 7 Question 1 Marks: --/1 Sister chromatids become daughter chromosomes during anaphase I of meiosis. Answer: True False Question 2 Marks: --/1 The period during interphase when DNA is copied or synthesized is called ___. Choose one answer. a. G1 b. S c. G2 d. Mitosis Question 3 Marks: --/1 The somatic cells of a human are haploid. Answer: True False Question 4 Marks: --/1 Which of the following does not increase genetic variation? Choose one answer. a. Prophase of mitosis b. Random homologue alignments at metaphase I c. Crossing over d. Random fertilization Question 5 Marks: --/1 Crossing over occurs during meiosis II. Answer: True False Question 6 Marks: --/1 Which occurs in meiosis I but not meiosis II? Choose one answer. a. diploid daughter cells are produced b. chromosomes without chromatids line up at the equator c. the spindle apparatus forms
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Unformatted text preview: d. pairing up of homologous chromosomes Question 7 Marks: --/1 If a parent cell has 16 chromosomes and undergoes mitosis, the resulting daughter cells will each have 16 chromosomes. Answer: True False Question 8 Marks: --/1 What is the phase of mitosis during which chromosomes line up along the middle of the cell? Choose one answer. a. Prophase b. Metaphase c. Anaphase d. Telophase Question 9 Marks: --/1 One of two identical parts of a duplicated chromosome is called a ___. Choose one answer. a. homologue b. chromatid c. centromere d. nucleus Question 10 Marks: --/1 What is a pair of chromosomes that are identical in length, centromere location, gene location, and one is inherited from each parent? Choose one answer. a. Duplicated chromosomes b. Sister chromatids c. Homologous chromosomes d. Parental chromosomes...
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Ch. 11 quiz (2) - d pairing up of homologous chromosomes...

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