Chapter 14 (2)

Chapter 14 (2) - /30/09 What is Evolution Evolution o...

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Chapter 14 10/30/09 What is Evolution? Evolution o Change in the proportion of genotypes in a population over time With time measured in generations o Decent of modern organisms with modification from preexisting organisms Misconceptions about Science and Evolution Scientists PROVE things Evolution is “just a theory” Science vs. religion “Intelligent Design” is a scientific theory Exploration of new lands = staggering number of species Similarities among species led to thoughts that they could change Similar species are descended from a common ancestor Fossil discoveries showed that life had changed over time Cuvier-catastrophism o Catastrophes caused extinct species and strata o Where were fossils of species that are around today? Agassiz-new creations o 50 different creations? LeClerc o Creation of small # of orgs which evolved over time o O.T. said Earth 4000-6000 yrs. Old, not enough time Geologists showed that the Earth is old Hutton and Lyell
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Chapter 14 (2) - /30/09 What is Evolution Evolution o...

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