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Chapter 17 (2)

Chapter 17 (2) - /11/09 No Spontaneous Generation(fig 17-1...

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Chapter 17 11/11/09 No Spontaneous Generation (fig. 17-1) Broth in flask heated to kill preexisting microorganisms Condensing water collects, sealing the mouth of the flask If neck is broken, outside air can carry microbes into broth The Earth’s Age Earth is about 4.6 billion years old o Radiometric dating of meteorites & moon rocks Life arose about 3.8 billion years ago o Chemical traces in rocks – 3.8 billion years o Fossil bacteria in rocks – 2.5 billion years No spontaneous generation now, but must have happened then Radiometric Dating Potassium 40 ( 40 K) naturally decays to argon 40 ( 40 Ar) Aerobic metabolism is an advantage over anaerobic metabolism because the destructive chemical action of action is utilized to generate energy; aerobic respiration produces more energy than anaerobic respiration . What evidence suggests that eukaryotic cells formed symbiotic relationships with bacteria?
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