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Chapter Learning Objectives Chapter 10: Gene Expression and Regulation 10.1 How are genes and proteins related? Gene o Segment of DNA located at a particular place on a chromosome o DNA codes for specific A.A. sequence in protein or for the RNA to help make proteins Describe Beadle and Tatum’s experiments with Neurospora and explain the contribution they made to our understanding of how genes control metabolism Explain how RNA differs from DNA o RNA has ribose and uracil DNA vs. RNA (table 10-1) DNA o Double stranded o Deoxyribose o A-T; C-G o Recipe RNA o Single stranded o Ribose o A-U; C-G o Function based on type (3 types) Describe the function of the three types of RNA o mRNA carries the code for a protein-coding gene from DNA to ribose. o mRNA: base sequence of mRNA carries info for AA sequence in protein o rRNA combines with proteins to form ribosomes, the structures that link amino acids to form a protein. o
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Chapter_10_Learning_Objectives (2) - Chapter Learning...

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