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Chapter_13_Learning_Objectives (2)

Chapter_13_Learning_Objectives (2) - between to alleles of...

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Chapter Learning Objectives Chapter 13: Biotechnology 13.1 What is biotechnology? Define biotechnology. List the major goals of biotechnology and genetic engineering. 13.2 How does DNA recombination occur in nature? Describe the natural function of restriction enzymes and explain how they are used in recombinant DNA technology. Explain how the creation of sticky ends by restriction enzymes is useful in producing a recombinant DNA molecule. Outline the procedure for cloning a eukaryotic gene in a bacterial plasmid. 13.3 How is biotechnology used in forensics? Explain how DNA technology is used in the forensic sciences. Describe the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Explain how gel electrophoresis is used to analyze nucleic acids and to distinguish
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Unformatted text preview: between to alleles of a gene. 13.4 How is biotechnology used in agriculture? • Describe how gene manipulation has practical applications for agricultural work. • Describe how plant genes can be manipulated using the Ti plasmid carried by Argobacterium as a vector. • Explain how DNA technology can be used to improve the nutritional value of crops and to develop plants that can produce pharmaceutical products. 13.5 How is biotechnology used for medical diagnosis and treatment? • Describe how DNA technology can have medical applications in such areas as the diagnosis of genetic disease, the development of gene therapy, vaccine production, and the development of pharmaceutical products....
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