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Chapter_40_Learning_Objectives (2) - Chapter Learning...

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Chapter Learning Objectives Chapter 40: Community Interactions 40.1 Why are community interactions important? Define ecological community o An ecological community consists of all the interacting populations within an ecosystem. List the categories of interspecific interactions and explain how each interaction may affect the population densities of the two species involved o Competition is when both organisms are harmed in the process. Predation is when one organism benefits and the other are harmed. Parasitism is when the organism, parasite, benefits from the other organism while harming it. Commensalism is when one organism benefits and the other is not harmed at all. Mutualism is when both organisms benefit from each other. 40.2 What are the effects of competition among species? State the competitive exclusion principle o No two species can inhabit exactly the same ecological niche simultaneously and continuously. Define an ecological niche
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Chapter_40_Learning_Objectives (2) - Chapter Learning...

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