Exam 3 study guide (2)

Exam 3 study guide (2) - Questions and Info that I remember...

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Questions and Info that I remember from the pretest 1. What is the complement of this nucleic acid strand (P-AGCTG-S) *run backwards*? S- TCGAC-P 2. Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin knew that DNA formed some sort of helix by the patterns seen in X-ray diffraction 3. Each single strand then serves as template for new strand 4. DNA helicase unwinds the two strands and breaks the hydrogen bonds holding them together 5. DNA polymerase attaches complementary nucleotides 6. DNA ligase fills in gaps 7. Information flow in a cell: DNA is transcribed into RNA; RNA is translated into protein. (fig. 10-3) 8. gene’s DNA sequence was ATGCGT anticodons would be AUGCGU . *replace T with U* 9. Info about ribosomes 10. Regulate Transcription: Not all Genes are Turned On Turn on/off individual genes o Regulatory proteins o Condense regions of chromosomes o Condense entire chromosomes Barr bodies = X chromosome X-Chromosome Inactivation o 1 X chromosome inactivated in each cell in female mammals o Which X is different from cell-to-cell 11. of 23 chromosomes One set from father Mitosis produces cells with 46 chromosomes 12. If there are 12 chromosomes in an animal cell in the G1 stage of the cell cycle, what is the diploid number of chromosomes for this organism? 12 13. phases of mitosis: PMAT o Prophase – Preparation o Metaphase – Meet in the Middle o Anaphase – pulled Apart o Telophase – The end 14. Meiosis Metaphase I: paired homologues line up at middle Anaphase I: paired homologues go to opposite poles 15. Mitosis Metaphase: homologues do not pair up at middle 16. Just after telophase I of meiosis I, each resulting nucleus will contain 1 full set of chromosomes, each with 2 sister chromatids. 17. Info about Crossing Over
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Exam 3 study guide (2) - Questions and Info that I remember...

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