1920s - America Compared #13 Rudolph Valentino = always...

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America Compared #13 Rudolph Valentino = always love interest in films 20s beginning of Hollywood film making industry “preserve culture” by allowing Europeans to stray rather Americans The 1920s Thesis: historians have not created the perfect model for 1920s. historians are in clear disagreement over what the 20s were like (conflicting evidence) The 20s were essentially a decade where people were backwards looking (trying to hold on to older values) “the last gasp of the 19 th century” attempt to hold on to those traditional values Refuted: miss understanding of the decade…20s are amazingly modern Can see an embryonic form our own culture today in the 20s “the first window on the 20 th century” No right answer…too much evidence for both interpretations Nostalgic Perspective (“last gasp”) o National Politics Reflected an attempt to turn back the clock to the 1890s or before a time when gov’t was either hands off on business or favorable to big business Presidents = Harding, Coolidge, Hoover (conservative business oriented republicans who initiated and followed policies that favored business and refuted labor unions)
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“Normalcy” in inaugural address –we grow weary of (progressive) reform we now seek “normalcy” wanted to change gov’t policy to where it favored big business Harding appointed Andrew Mellon who is super super rich Since mellon was app. It meant that it would be pro big business pro wealth “trickle down economics” Decrease tax in wealthy corp they will take that money and invest it to generate more wealth and that will strengthen the economy and raise the revenue on the gov’t Had many policies that made labor unions hard to make/use Scandals in Harding Admin Teapot Dome Scandal – bribery in dept of interior by oil co. so
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1920s - America Compared #13 Rudolph Valentino = always...

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