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comm101 assig.1 - In march 2008 safety issues were raised...

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In march 2008, safety issues were raised against SWA by federal aviation administration, that t he airline flew at least 117 of its planes in violation of mandatory safety checks. Southwest first notified the FAA that it had accidentally missed inspections. In some cases the planes flew for 30 months after government inspection deadlines had passed and should have been grounded until the inspections could be completed. The FAA proposed a $10.2 million fine because, the airline failed to do required safety checks on its older aircraft. Southwest failed to inspect 44 older Boeing 737s, six of which were later found to have cracks in them. six of the 44 planes were found to have fuselage cracks requiring repairs.. 2 nd slide..  the FAA found that a Southwest maintenance contractor used unapproved parts on 82 planes. In this case, FAA inspectors  think Southwest airline repair station failed to follow federally approved procedures when they carried out repair work on  sections of the fuselage.
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