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The topic of this essay is how advancement in technology has raised the issue of invading one’s privacy. Technology began to grow in the early 20 th century and has been advancing since then. Technology has helped societies in number of ways, for example, many societies now have an advanced and more stable economy. The most major forms of technological advancement are the telecommunication system, the computer, internet, tracking devices, and etc. With the invention of telecommunication systems and the computer along with internet, technology had now turned a huge world into a small society where everyone is always interconnected. Nowadays, social networking is the best way for people to socialize and to stay connected with their families and friends all around the globe. Many firms have based their operations on the internet which allows them to server their customer in any part of the world. Moreover, international trade has been facilitated with the advancement in the technology, such as containerization, which enhances the world's economy as a whole. With
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