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XEROX and its Operations Management Issues The history of Xerox stretches back to 1938 when a part time inventor created the first xerographic image. From an initial lack of interest in the technology to a rapid growth in demand for the product, Xerox experienced tremendous highs. This growth led to a peak point in 1976 when the company reported revenues of over 4 billion U.S dollars. ( However, by the beginning of the 1980s, competitors from abroad (mainly Japan) and within the United States started gaining a significant foothold in the xerographic image market. The increasing revenues, profits and overall size of Xerox Corp. also saw an increase in the layers of operations management within the company. This caused internal decision making to slow down and lag considerably. The pace of developing their product further had thus slowed down. Much blame was placed on the shoulders of the operations management teams in the corporation as it was believed that they lacked clarity and direction in their creation and implementation of strategic development and directional plans. Upcoming competitors enhanced their hold in lower end and demand-specific markets while the Xerox management team continued to ignore these advances by their competitors. Along with this, Xerox’s operating costs were very high which led to higher prices for their products compared to their competitors. Their product quality had also started to fall compared to their competitor's products. Highly
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XEROX_and_its_Operations_Management_Issues - XEROX and its...

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