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Lahore University of Management Sciences FINN200 Intermediate Finance: Section 1 Farah Said Fall Semester 2010/11 20/09/2010 Quiz 2 Total Marks: 30 Roll Number: ___Solution____________ Total Time: 50 min 1. Dividend growth rate for a stable firm can be estimated as: A. Payout ratio x the return on equity B. Plow back rate - the return on equity C. Plow back rate/ return on equity D. Plow back rate x return on equity 2. A high proportion of the value a growth stock comes from: 3. When stocks with the same expected return are combined into a portfolio, the expected return of the portfolio is: 4. If a stock is overpriced it would plot: 5. Long term government bonds have: A. Default risk B. Market risk C. Interest risk D. None of the above 6. Which of the following statements is true?
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7. Clive Rodney Megabucks offers your friend, Melanie, an interesting gamble involving giving her the choice of the contents in one of two sealed, identical-looking boxes. One box has $20,000 in cash and the second has nothing inside. There is an equal probability
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