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1 U NIVERSITY OF T EXAS AT D ALLAS Erik Jonsson School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science EECT 7329 Homework Assignment #1 (Assigned 9/8, due 9/29 in class) Objective In this assignment, you are asked to simulate the CMFB circuits discussed in class and determine their sensitivity to process variations and component mismatch. Pls follow the following steps in your work. 1. FD amplifier. Design a five-transistor FD amplifier shown in class. You can set the overdrive voltages of all transistors in your design to 100-200 mV and the tail current source to 2 mA and size your transistors accordingly. This will serve as your test bench for many other assignments of this semester. Use the 2.5-V, 250-nm process file posted on the course web for this design. You should also assume a 5-pF capacitive loading on each of the differential output nodes. Set the input and output CM levels to V DD /2.
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