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1 U NIVERSITY OF T EXAS AT D ALLAS Erik Jonsson School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science EECT 7329 Homework Assignment #3 (Assigned 10/18, due 11/8 in class) Objective In this assignment, you are asked to perform noise simulation on the fully differential amplifiers you designed in HW#1 and HW#2. You need to configure your amplifier in feedback as shown in the diagram below. The total capacitive loading should be close to 5 pF. The CT CMFB loop should be always connected to ensure proper CM levels at the output (and at the summing nodes). Use real transistor CMFB circuits instead of ideal level shifters. You are free to choose the input CM bias (at V id side); the output CM bias (at V od side) must be set to close to V DD /2. 1. Take the 5-transistor amplifier and bias its input (at V id side) to set the output swing (at V od side) to 0 V. Simulate the differential output noise PSD. Does it exhibit a low-pass type roll-off at high frequencies? Plot the differential output noise PSD and the input-referred
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