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1 U NIVERSITY OF T EXAS AT D ALLAS Erik Jonsson School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science EECT 7329 Optional Final Project (Assigned 11/8, due 12/14, Wed., at 2pm in ECSN 3.316) Objective The goal of this project is to design a folded active-cascode differential amplifier to provide 100- dB DC gain and high settling speed at the same time. You are also asked to devise a scheme to achieve the critically damped settling behavior outlined in the handout. The challenge would be how to ensure this scheme to track process, voltage, and temperature (PVT) variations. You may use ideal level shifters as common-mode feedback circuits in your design. Use the 2.5-V, 250-nm process file posted on the course web for this design and follow the guidelines below. 1. Refer to HW #3 for specs of the amplifier, e.g., CM levels, loading, etc. Your output swing should be 2.5 V (peak-to-peak differential) and the total current consumption (of all four branches) of your amplifier be 4 mA excluding the auxiliary ones.
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