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I researched internet service providers that offer dial-up, business and dedicated, DSL, and also fixed wireless. Within the list of ISPs, there were several hundred to choose from ranging from different speeds to different services. I first search for ISPs that provided dial-up connection. Dial-up Internet access is a type of Internet connectivity that operates through a standard telephone line. By running the telephone line to a modem device in the personal computer, and configuring the computer to dial a specific phone number, the computer is granted Internet access. When researching on www.thelist.com and refining my search to dial-up ISPs only, I came across several ISPs that provide dial-up service still. The first company being A $7.50 Access which has no setup fees and is only $7.50 per month for the subscription fee. They offer the following speeds for dial-up ISDN, 28.8, 33.6, and 56K. Now with V.92! Our $7.50 per month Deluxe Plan includes Fifty (50) email accounts @Trip.net, Fifty (50)MB of Webspace, over 40,000 newsgroups, and unlimited toll free technical support. Service also includes webmail, free anti-junk mail software, no ads or banners, and a 99% uptime guarantee. Optional 2 minute configuration download available, (Not Mandatory), right after online signup for a quick and flawless transition. That is pretty cheap compared to
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1A_Local_ISP_Vanessa_Palmer - I researched internet service...

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