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1947, Three scientists at Bell Telephone Laboratories, William Shockley, Walter Brattain, and John Bardeen demonstrate their new invention of the point-contact transistor amplifier. This was a miniaturization of electronic circuits via the transistor which made a key development in making personal desktop computers small, reliable and affordable. 1962-1968, Packet-switching networks were developed. The military was the first to use this form of technology. Today, the technology of the internet and computers being able to communicate rely on packets to transfer the data. The following year, 1969 the internet was born. 1971, e-mail was invented. The internet was created so that people in different locations to still communicate in a more secure environment. By inventing e-mail, you were able to send messages across a distributed network. E-mail to this day is one of the number one ways to communicate and send messages. No more of the snail mail and having to wait a week to receive the information and week to get a response back. It is instantaneous.
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