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Chapter 1_Fill in the Blanks_Vanessa_Palmer

Chapter 1_Fill in the Blanks_Vanessa_Palmer - 1 The...

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1. The software program that enables individuals to view HTML documents and access files related to those documents is called a webserver 2. A network-connected computer that is used to make requests to view files and other resources provided by another computer is called the client. 3. The part of the text-based URL that identifies the company or organization that owns the Web site is the domain name. 4. A high-speed, wireless Internet connection made over radio frequencies is called wireless fidelity. 5. Wi-Fi connection points are called hot spots. 6. The transmission speed or transfer capacity of data on a network measured in bits per second is called bandwidth. 7. Computer hardware that converts data packets from digital format to analog format so that they can travel along analog lines called a(n) modulator/demodulator. 8. A number that uniquely identifies each computer connected to the internet to other computers connected to the internet for the purpose of communication and the
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