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1. O – World Wide Web (WWW) 2. M- Uniform Resource Locator (URL) 3. L- TCP/IP 4. H- HTTP 5. D- Domain Name System (DNS) 6. I- Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers 7. J- Internet Service Provider (ISP)
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Unformatted text preview: 8. C- Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) 9. B- Bits per second (bps) 10. K- Local Area Network (LAN) 11. G- Hypertext 12. A- ARPANET 13. N- Newsgroup 14. E- (E-mail) 15. F- File Transfer Protocol (FTP)...
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  • World Wide Web, Domain Name System, Uniform Resource Locator, J- Internet Service Provider, I- Internet Corporation

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