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Google www.google.com Types of Files: Web, Images, Audio, Video, Maps Google's advanced search allows the user to refine searches by keyword, a combination of keywords, key phrase, file type, file size, language, domain, date, usage rights, and region. The user can also filter out results using keywords. Yahoo www.search.yahoo.com Types of Files: Web, Images, Audio, Video Yahoo's advanced search features refinement capabilities in the areas of, keywords, key
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Unformatted text preview: phrase, last updated, site/domain, file type, country, and language. The advanced search feature also allows the user to determine the number of results displayed per page. Ask www.ask.com Types of Files: Web, Images, Audio, Video, Encyclopedia The advanced search at Ask.com features search refinements in, keywords, key phrase, location of keywords in page, domain, language, country and the date the page was modified. 3A_Guidelines_Vanessa_Palmer...
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