Lab Assessment 2 Answer Key - 23 If the commands first...

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Assessment 2: Chapters 11 and 13 Answer Sheet Instructions: Write or type your answers for each of the questions. When complete, email it to [email protected] with CIS121AB Assessment in the subject line. 1. False- .cmd or .bat only 2. They are used as command line arguments 3. False 4. False 5. You can use them to store file names, option settings, user input from prompts, or any other information you need to store in a batch program. 6. Terminates the batch file 7. Start nusrmgr.cpl 8. Start wmplayer.exe 9. True 10. Dir | findstar /c /I “CH 1 Homework.txt” 11. False 12. Attrib sets or clears the attributes setting and if there is no + or – specified, attrib lists the current attribute settings of the named file. Dir /ah shows the hidden files 13. True 14. Cacls filename 15. Driverquery or driverquery /s computername 16. False 17. Ipconfig /all 18. Net statistics server 19. Used for comments and documentation 20. Disables batch file echoing 21. Lets the user read the message 22. Will log the computer name in the log.txt file
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Unformatted text preview: 23. If the commands first argument is the word Donald then it copies it from log.txt to %1.txt 24. Terminates the batch file 25. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ______________ Bonus: The call command performs a “subroutine” call. Executes a secondary batch file or transfers control to a specified label within the current batch file. Control returns to the statement after the call when the subroutine reaches the end of file or an exit /B statement. The goto command directs CMD to jump to the line in the batch file starting with :label and to continue reading statements from that point. Goto :EOF jumps to the end of the file and, in effect, terminates the batch file. Exit /B does the same thing. This is used to terminate batch processing and to exit from a batch file subroutine started with the call statement....
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Lab Assessment 2 Answer Key - 23 If the commands first...

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