lab report 6 - Year 2010 Month 10 Day 27 Airplane...

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Year 2010 Month 10 Day 27 Airplane Attitude Control Experiment Aerospace Engineering Laboratory II Name : Martin Suhartono Student ID : 20106182
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1. Objectives To understand the effect of changing the control gain of a servo on the motion direction of a control panel as well as the magnitude of the motion in an automatic flight 2. Procedure 1. Observe the motion of the remote controlled UAV as it is flown by the graduate students. 2. Understand the roles of GPS and IMU in this experiment. 3. For a steady level flight, note how the control panes work to counter the change in motion due to small perturbation. 4. Discuss the result of the flight test. 5. Check the change in the motion direction as well as the motion amount due to the change in control gain. 3. Results and Discussion 1. GPS (Global Positioning System) is basically a space-based global navigation satellite system that provides accurate location and time information of an object in any kind of situation, as long as, there is a clear line of sight between the object and, at least, 4 GPS satellites. A GPS receiver, like the one installed in the UAV, is able to calculate its position by precisely timing the signals sent by GPS satellites above the Earth’s atmosphere. The signals include the time the message was
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lab report 6 - Year 2010 Month 10 Day 27 Airplane...

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