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[Fall 2011] MAE 260 Elementary Mathematics for Aerospace Mechanics Instructors: Prof. Seung-O Park and Prof. Han-Lim Choi Session: 9:00 - 10:30 (Mon, Wed) This course deals with fundamental mathematical theories and skills often used in major subjects in Aerospace Engineering. Topics to be covered include calculus, linear algebra, (linear) differential equations, and approximation methods. Mathematical details are given together with clear indication on how they are applied in the engineering problems in Aerospace Engineering. This course is targeted to students who have difficulty in catching up sophomore level math courses. Note that an interview with the instructor(s) is mandatory in order to take this course. Early interviews are highly recommended so that detailed contents can
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Unformatted text preview: be adapted to the students' mathematical backgrounds; the interviews should be made no later than Sept. 9, 2011. Period Contents Period Contents 1week Derivatives, Implicit differentiation 9week System of linear equations 2week Infinite series, Taylor's series 10week Inner product and projection 3week Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 11week Eigenvalues and eigenvectors 4week Integration by parts, Partial fractions 12week Differential equations, separation of variables 5week Vectors, Differential geometry 13week System of linear differential equations 6week Partial derivatives 14week Fourier series 7week Double integrals, Line integrals 15week Partial differential equations 8week Mid-term exam 16week Final exam...
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