Endocrine II

Endocrine II - Higher Level Control Systems Learning...

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Higher Level Control Systems Learning Outcomes – Be able to: List examples of nervous control of hormone secretion Describe regulation and effects of Growth Hormone Describe regulation and effects of Thyroid Hormone Describe how Thyroid hormone is synthesized Describe the long-term stress response Diagram disruption of feedback control in Addison’s Disease and goiter due to hypothyroidism Describe endocrine disorders (covered in class) Nervous Control of Hormone Secretion Adrenal gland’s production of NE and EPI is controlled by ANS ANS can influence production of Insulin and Glucagon by pancreas Feedback control of Prolactin and Growth Hormone involves both the hormones themselves and hormone-induced changes in plasma levels of substances Growth Hormone Regulation Stimuli for GH Release: Exercise Stress Fasting Low plasma [glucose] Sleep Raised plasma [arginine] Growth and metabolic effects “Growth” effects include protein synthesis and mitosis Metabolic effects: Note that here GH is acting as an effector effector hormone(direct effect): Lipolysis [fat breakdown] Increased blood [glucose] mechanism: receptor tyrosine kinese (for IGF-I) “Growth” effects are mediated by somatomedins (including IGF-I) Note that here, GH is acting as a tropic tropic hormone IGF-I increases bone length Tropic always anterior pituitary Growth effects: Cells uptake AAs, and synthesize proteins Cellular proliferation (multiplication: mitosis) Increased sulfur uptake and cartilage formation
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Endocrine II - Higher Level Control Systems Learning...

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