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Motor Control II - XVIII Motor Control II 2011/Kimball...

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XVIII. Motor Control II 2011/Kimball Learning Outcomes: Be able to Describe the structure and function of hair cells Describe mechanisms for static and dynamic equilibrium and head position List examples of movement control at spinal, “middle” and highest level (e.g., knee jerk reflex coordinated by spinal cord.) List tracts making up the Ventromedial and Dorsolateral pathways Describe functions of VM and DL systems Describe the pathophysiology of spasticity List functions of the basal ganglia (nuclei) in movement control Describe Parkinson’s disease List functions of the cerebellum Describe role of cerebral cortex in movement VESTIBULAR SYSTEM Balance and posture require continuous information about position and motion of all body parts Two kinds of equilibrium o Static(holding still) Head position / tilt o Dynamic(rate of change of movement) Linear, vertical and angular acceleration Hair Cell Transduction Hair cells (what category of receptors?) o Receptors for hearing and vestibular system o Bending of stereocilia in opposite directions has opposite effects on their membrane potentials, and on discharge rate of VIII afferents if it bends towards tall sterocillia, you get depolarization if bends away, hyperpolarization Utricle and Saccule o Maculae Hair cells Otolithic membrane Otoliths Function o Maculae of utricle (Horizontal acceleration and head position / tilt) o Maculae of saccule (Vertical acceleration) Semicircular Canals o Each pair of canals oriented in different plane o Ampulla contains hair cells attached to gelatinous mass o Semicircular Canals detect angular acceleration and deceleration VESTIBULAR SYSTEM NEURAL PATHWAY o Stimulation of hair cells in vestibular apparatus activates sensory neurons of VIII (Vestibulocochlear Nerve) o Sensory fibers transmit impulses to cerebellum and vestibular nuclei of medulla. o
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Motor Control II - XVIII Motor Control II 2011/Kimball...

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