ALTERNATE ENDING - Act 5 Scene 1 Octavius Now Antony our...

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Octavius Now Antony our prayers have been answered. You aid the enemy wouldn’t come down but keep to the hills and upper regions. It seems not. Their forces are nearby. They intend to challenge us here at Philippi, responding to our challenge before we’ve even challenged them. Antony I know how they think, and I understand why they’re doing this. They really wish they were somewhere else, but they want to descend on us, looking fierce so we’ll think they’re brave. A messenger enters. Messenger Prepare yourselves, generals. The enemy approaches with great display. They show their bloody heralds of battle, and something must be done immediately. Antony Octavius, lead your forces slowly out to the left side of the level field. Octavius I’ll go the right side. You stay on the left. Antony Why are you defying me in this urgent matter? Octavius I’m not defying you, but it’s what I’m going to do. The sound of soldiers marching and a drum. Brutus and Cassius enter with their army, which includes Lucillius, Titinius and Messala. Brutus They’ve stoped. They want to talk. Cassius Stay here, Titinius. We have to go out and talk to them. Octavius Mark Antony, should we give the signal to attack? Antony No, Octavius Caesar, we’ll respond to their charge. Go forward. The generals want to speak with us. Octavius Don’t move until we give the signal. Brutus Gentleman can we forgive this ordeal, we did what we did for the good of Rome. Octavius We will slay both of you for the betrayal you cause Caesar. Brutus
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ALTERNATE ENDING - Act 5 Scene 1 Octavius Now Antony our...

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