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AP Card Frankenstein - Samuel Castrejon Period 4 February...

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Samuel Castrejon Period 4 February 26 2011 Frankenstein , Mary Shelly, 1818 Major Characters: The major characters in the novel are Victor Frankenstein, The Creature, Elizabeth Lavenza, Alphonse Frankenstein, Robert Walton, Henry Cleval, Justine, Caroline Frankenstein, Beaufort, The De Laceys, Mr. Kirwin, Mr. Krempe, and Mr. Waldman. Locations: Frankenstein takes place in a variety of places and they are in The North Pole, The Swiss Appalachian Mountains, The University of Ingolstadt, Geneva, Scotland, England, and the cave the Creature rests in while watching the De Lacey family. Major Scenes: Victor Frankenstein and Robert Walton meet in the North Pole and Victor proceeds to tell his story (Letter 4). Victor gets accepts to the University of Ingolstadt and there he continues his obsession with science, life, and death (Chapter 3). After months of ignoring his health, and social life Victor completes his studies and completes his creation but is frightened by his creature and dashes out of the house where he meets his friend Cleval (Chapter 5). After recovering from his illness Frankenstein receives a letter notifying him that his younger brother William has been murdered. He then travels back to Geneva and finds out that Justine has been accused as the murdered, but later finds out that it was his monster that killed William (Chapter 10). Trying to escape from his problems, Victor goes up a mountain where he meets his creature and he proceeds to tell him his stories of the De Laceys who he learned how to speak and understand humans by watching them from a cave (Chapter 12). The creature is rejected by the De Laceys and by the rest of society and claims revenge on mankind (Chapter 16). After some tough consideration Victor agrees to create a female counterpart for the creature but while working on his new creation Victor gives up fearing an imamate doom awaiting when two creatures are created, by doing so he angers the creature who is steadily watching over him (Chapter 20). Trying to get revenge, the monster threatens Frankenstein, and murders Henry Cleval (Chapter 21). Frankenstein is accused for the murder of a young man and is imprisoned where he
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AP Card Frankenstein - Samuel Castrejon Period 4 February...

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