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Samuel Castrejon 373842 8-13-10 The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare, 1599 Major Characters: Julius Caesar, Cassius, Brutus, Mark Antony, Octavius, Casca, Portia, Calphurnia. Setting: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar takes place in ancient Rome in 44 B.C. Major Scenes: The soothsayer warns Caesar of the Ides of March but Caesar doesn’t take his warning as too much of a threat (1.2). Cassius tells Brutus that Caesar is no better man than he is and should be held just as highly (1.2). The conspirators go to Cassius and convince him to join their conspiracy against Caesar (2.1) Calphurnia explains her dreams to Caesar and sees them as a warning of events to come and begs Caesar not to go to the senate house (2.2) At the senate house the members of the conspiracy distract Caesar to carry out their deed. All the members of the conspiracy stab Caesar and Brutus finishes him off (3.1). After Caesar is dead Brutus explains their deed to the citizens of Rome and then Antony follows after him and ultimately wins them over and
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