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Samuel Castrejon Period 4 12/4/10 The Once and Future King by Terence Hanbury White, 1958 Characters: Characters in The Once and Future King consists of: King Arthur, Sir Kay, Sir Ector, Merlyn the wizard, King Pellinore, Uther Pendragon, Archimedes, Cully, The Questing Beast, Mordred, Sir Lancelot, Queen Morgan le Fay, Elaine, Galahad, Gareth, Gawaine, Guenevere, Morgause, Agravaine, Uncle Dap, and Nimue. Location: The novel, the Once and Future King, takes place in various locations. Those locations include: The island referred to as Gramarye, Forest Sauvage, Queen Morgan le Fay’s Castle, King Lot’s Castle in Orkney, King Arthur’s Kingdom of Camelot, Elaine’s Castle, and King Arthur transforms into various animals which changes the location into various animal habitats, for example an ant civilization. Major Scenes: King Arthur, or previously known as the Wart, meets the Wizard Merlyn in the Forest Sauvage, and then Merlyn is later proclaimed to be the Wart’s tutor (“The Sword in the Stone”, Ch 3). Merlyn shows a battle between two knights in a humorous way after the Wart says he wants to be a knight (“The Sword in the Stone, Ch 7). Kay and Wart get their first taste of knightly adventure when they save Dogboy and Friar Tuck from Morgan Le Fay’s castle (“The Sword in the Stone, Ch 11). King Uther Pendragon is announced dead and a tournament in being held to determine the rightful king (“The Sword in the Stone”, Ch 22). Kay forgets his sword and the Wart can’t find it and accidnelty pulls out the sword in the stone and is proclaimed the rightful king of England and is informed that Uther was his father (“The Sword in the Stone” Ch 23). The Orkney clan is introduced and they tell the story between the feud of Uther and their respective kingdom (“The Queen of Air and Darkness Ch 1). King Arthur begins to learn the real reasons why war is fought and learns that using might isn’t right (“The Queen of Air and Darkness”, Ch 2). King Arthur described his idea of a Round Table that offers equality in his order of knights that he would later name The Knights of the Round Table (“The Queen of Air and Darkness, Ch 8). King Arthur is seduced by his step sister Morgause, unknowingly, and nine months later she gives birth to Mordred (“The Queen of Air and Darkness, Ch 14). Lancelot Du Lac is knighted at Camelot by King Arthur and almost immediately begins to form a close relationship with the King and a secret love relationship with the King’s wife Guenevere (“The Ill-Made Knight”, Ch 2). Lancelot is tricked into sleeping with Elaine and tells her that he will leave her and leave any baby that is born (“The Ill- Made Knight” Ch 11). Lancelot becomes mad due to his
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Ap card OAFK - Samuel Castrejon Period 4 The Once and...

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