Ap card. JOYLUCKCLUB - Samuel Castrejon Period 4 9/29/10...

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Samuel Castrejon Period 4 9/29/10 The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan 1989 Characters: Jing-Mei Woo, Suyuan Woo, Canning Woo, Wang Chwun Yu, Wang Chwun hwa chwun, , An-Mei Hsu, Rose Hsu Jordan, An-Mei’s mother, Second wife,, Bing Hsu, Lindo Jong, Waverly Jong, Tin Jong, Lindo’s Mother, Huan Tyan-Yu, Huang Taitai, Rich Schield, Ying-Ying St. Clair, , Lena St. Clair, , Clifford St. Clair, Harold Livotny, Popo Location: The story takes place in the early 20 th century starting with the Mother’s early days in various parts of china including: Tai Lake, Kweilin, Wushi, and Shanghai. The story then switches locations to San Francisco and Oakland for the birth, childhood, and adulthood for their four daughters taking place roughly around 1980. Locations in San Francisco and Oakland include Chinatown, and the various homes of the members of the Joy Luck Club. Major Scenes: Jing- Mei Woo fills the void of her late mother in the Joy Luck Club and taking her mother’s spot at the mah-jongg table.(The Joy Luck Club) . An-Mei witnesses the harshness of Chinese culture when her family shuns her mother when she returns from another city after being remarried (Scar) . Lindo Jong is experiences marriage at a young age teaching her many aspects of Chinese culture and is displeased of her way of living and her marriage.(The Red Candle). Waverly Jong lives to her mother’s expectations and becomes a national renowned chess champion but cracks under the pressure her mother continues to
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Ap card. JOYLUCKCLUB - Samuel Castrejon Period 4 9/29/10...

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