Ap Jekyll. - Samuel Castrejon Period 4 The Strange Case of...

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Samuel Castrejon Period 4 3/26/11 The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde ,Robert Louis Stevenson 1886 Characters : The characters of this novel consist of Dr. Henry Jekyll, Mr. Edward Hyde, Mr. Gabriel John Utterson, Dr. Hastie Lanyon, Mr. Poole, Mr. Enfield, Mr. Guest, Sir Danvers Carew Locations: The novel takes place in late 19th century in London in an abandon building, Dr. Jekyll’s house, and the laboratory. Major Scenes : On their weekly Sunday walk, Mr. Einfield talks about how he saw an evil looking short man trample a girl over and repays her in a check to please everyone who was mad at him (Story of the Door). Mr. Utterson is curious about the check given so he goes to his files and finds out that the check is Dr. Jekyll’s and that another man wrote the check, Mr. Utterson figures the other man is blackmailing Dr. Jekyll (Search for Mr. Hyde). On a cold night a maid notices the same short evil looking man who gets into an argument with a stranger on the street, it is later discovered that it was Mr. Hyde who murdered a well known Sir Danvers. Mr. Hyde is no where to be found (The Carew Murder Case). Dr. Lanyon dies due to a growing amount of stress over the ordeal with Mr. Jekyll, he leaves Utterson that is to be opened later (Remarkable Incident of Dr. Lanyon). Mr. Poole and Mr. Utterson invade into Dr. Jekyll’s laboratory to notice Mr. Hyde on the floor with a vial and is dressed similarly to Mr. Jekyll (The Last Night). Jekyll finally dies, which prompts Utterson to open the letters and documents which reveal Jekyll’s undisclosed secret about his experiments that lead him to change into Mr. Hyde with a chemical (Dr. Lanyon’s Narrative).
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Ap Jekyll. - Samuel Castrejon Period 4 The Strange Case of...

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