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Ap The sun also rises - Samuel Castrejon Period 0 9/3/11...

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Samuel Castrejon Period 0 9/3/11 The Sun Also Rises , Ernest Hemingway, 1926 Characters : The characters of this novel consist of Jake Barnes, Robert Cohn, Ashley Brett, Mike Campbell, Pedro Romero, Wilson-Harris, and Count Mippipopolous Locations: The novel takes place in Paris, France moves to Pamplona, Spain and then ends in Madrid, Spain. The characters constantly find themselves in a variety of coffee shops and restaurants. Major Scenes : Cohn tries to convince Jake to travel outside of Paris to find a better life because of his success in American with his book (Chapter 2). The love interest between Jake and Brett is revealed when she refuses to stay faithful to him because of his wound he received in war that renders him sexually incapable (Chapter 4). Jake and Cohn get into a fight over Brett when Jake is talking about her in a negative manner when she states she will marry Mike Campbell (Chapter 5). Cohn refuses to marry his girlfriend due to his relationship with Brett (Chapter 6). Brett and Jake have an argument over Cohn because Jake doesn’t believe that Cohn should accompany them on their trip to Spain (Chapter 9). Mike is drunk and takes out his anger on Cohn by telling him that he doesn’t know where he doesn’t belong (Chapter 13). The day of the festival comes and everyone is in high spirits, Jake and his friends go watch the famous bullfighter Romero who is very promising and is really attractive (Chapter 15). Jake and his friends are introduced to Romero, where its revealed that Brett is mad for him and she is also very annoyed of Mike and Cohn. She later admits that she still
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Ap The sun also rises - Samuel Castrejon Period 0 9/3/11...

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