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Biographical Narrative

Biographical Narrative - Castrejon 1 Samuel Castrejon Mrs...

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Castrejon 1 Samuel Castrejon Mrs. Angus English Honors 2 16 November 2010 Biographical Narrative When the golden furred lion cub Simba was risen to the top of Pride Rock, joy and cheers filled the extreme heat conditions of Pride Rock. The many animals that resided in Pride Rock cheered knowing that their King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi had successfully given birth to a new heir to the throne of Pride Rock. Though being born into royalty, the small and energetic cub was not excluded from life’s numerous obstacles. The rebelling animals in the Pride lands was one of the many obstacles that Simba had to face, but none compared to the extreme jealously that filled Scar, Simba’s evil and intelligent uncle, this extreme jealously of Simba’s power lead to one of his biggest obstacles in his life that would change him forever. Waiting in a narrow, yet deep gorge, curiosity and amazement is struck into Simba’s eyes as he waits for the “surprise” that his father is planning for him unaware that Scar has planned the murder of Simba and his father. As Simba is pathetically practicing his roar, which is nothing compared to his father’s roar that can be heard through out all of Pride Rock a stampede of wildebeest is simultaneously triggered by a trio of dimwitted hyenas. As the wildebeest are vigorously making their rampage through the gorge, Scar rushes to Mufasa and informs him the news. The fearless Mufasa courageously makes his way through the furious stampede of the wildebeest to find his young son helplessly clutching onto the branch of a falling tree avoiding the stampede.
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Castrejon 2 Mufasa is successful and saves his son’s life but as Mufasa is making his way out of the gorge, he clutched by Scar and is dropped forty feet down to his death. Simba, already free from the reckless stampede can do nothing but watch his father fall to his untimely death. From that moment on, Simba experiences his first true obstacle caused by his Uncle’s need for power. Simba then experiences a false epiphany thinking that he caused the death of his father leading to the reversal from a prince to a low life murderer. Escaping the grasps of the hyenas, Simba runs off into the sunset experiencing the wind
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Biographical Narrative - Castrejon 1 Samuel Castrejon Mrs...

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