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Samuel Castrejon Period 0 10/22/11 Syllabus # 7 Oliver Wendall Holmes Oliver Wendall Holmes was a writer and teacher known for his wit and his clever wordplay. Holmes was a descendent of Anne Bradstreet, a Puritan writer, and he was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to a respectable family. Oliver began his working career as a laywer but then turned to the word of medicine where his wit became evident as a young physician. Holmes later taught anatomy and physiology at Harvard Medical School and eventually became the dean of the college. Oliver spent most of his time writing nad giving lectures for progress in the medical field. He published many literature works with medical themes and his famous poem “Old Ironsides” saved the old battleship from being destroyed. Holmes was apart of a group of poets that were known as the Fireside Poets, this group of poets were one of the first groups that rivaled British poets. These poets wrote their poems for families and their works were generally read by the fireside, which gave them their name. Holmes and his friends founded the Atlantic Monthly , a magazine, which included a series of Holmes essays that were collected and called The Autocrat at the Breakfast Table. Holmes also wrote biographies of his friends John Lothrop Motley and Ralph Waldo Emerson.
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Ask Yourself The narrator of the poem uses the shell, the nautilus, as a comparison towards the human spirit. He believes that the human spirit should follow the nautilus in their growing by following the model given by the nautilus. Emerson felt a great amount of admiration toward the proportion of the nautilus because it was balance on all its part, which he believed that the human spirit should be balanced like that as well. Emerson compares the shell to a ship by stating “This is the ship of pearl” (1) by comparing the
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BRANDONE IS SO DONQUIJOTO - Samuel Castrejon Period 0...

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