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Samuel Castrejon Period 0 3/5/12 The Great Gatsby Comparison Prosperity, wealth, and change were all important characteristics that defined society during the roaring twenties in American history. Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby , centered on this era and told the rise and fall of the unique character known as Jay Gatsby who worked from poverty to wealth in order to gain back his beloved Daisy, a high class women who only follows the money. As the story unfolds, Fitzgerald begins to center his story around the conflicts that were produced as a result of “new money”, women, and technology. Also, Fitzgerald demonstrates similarities with the poets of his time in terms of imagery and style to create a unique point of view of the topics of his era. Ultimately, Fitzgerald and the poets of his time are different in that Fitzgerald focused on the idea of racial superiority in his literary style, while the imagists focused on equality; however, similarities arise in that both Fitzgerald and the poets utilize a strong sense of vivid imagery and symbolism to convey an underlying message. Fitzgerald and the poets of hi time successfully depict the social conflicts that surround them through their writing styles. During the 1920s a new young crowd rose up in wealth through contraband and new occupations through increased industrialization, this group of new wealth was referred to as “New Money”. This “New Money” was just one of the many changes during a time when change was the norm. The idea of old money and new money are incorporated through Fitzgerald’s use of symbolism in his literary style. After a confrontation with Tom, Gatsby states “ I can’t say anything in this
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house old sport… Her Voice is full of money, that was it, I’d never understood before. It was full of money…” (127). Gatsby is not able to speak confidently in the home of Daisy and her husband Tom because of the barriers that separate the two parties. Even though Gatsby has wealth, he can not fully interact with Daisy because his wealth is not the kind of wealth that would let him join the world that Daisy lives in, the world of “Old
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BS essay - Samuel Castrejon Period 0 The Great Gatsby...

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