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May 16, 2010 13852 La Pat Pl Westminster, Ca 92683 Deb LeVasseur 13600 Beach Blvd. Westminster, Ca 92683 Dear Mrs. LeVasseur: I usually bring my 1989 Honda Accord for frequent maintenance and usually I am really satisfied with the service I receive. However, I recently took my vehicle for a maintenance check right before my long business trip and the dealership’s mechanic estimated that the repairs that would have to take place would pile up to cost up to roughly around 3100.00 dollars and I strongly believe that your mechanic was wrong and tried to cheat me out of money and unnecessary changes in my vehicle. When I recently brought in my Honda to your dealership, your mechanic performed a maintenance check on my vehicle as usual. He concluded that I need motor mounts, wheel alignment, and tire rotation. The mechanic said that all the repairs would pile up to 3100.00 dollars. After I heard this from the mechanic I was very confused because two
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Unformatted text preview: weeks before I brought in my Honda to your dealership I brought it in to my trusted mechanic and none of these changes were needed. So, I decided to take it back to my long trusted mechanic before I made any drastic decisions and after my mechanic performed a maintenance check he stated that the only thing I needed was a wheel alignment and that this repair would only cost about 350.00 dollars oppose so the outrageous 3100.00 amount. I have written this letter to show my concern and disappointment because I frequently suggest this dealership to all my family and friends and I would not want the same thing occurring to them. As a frequent customer to your dealership and I hope this little mishap wont occur every again in the future. Thank you for listening to one of your many customers concerns. Sincerely, Sammy Castrejon...
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