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controversial issue research essay - Castrejon 1 Samuel...

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Castrejon 1 Samuel Castrejon Mrs. Angus. English II Honors 3 June 2011 Controversial Issue Research How do you know if your vaccines and make up products are safe? For the last few decades animal based experimentation has become the foundation for improved techniques in the expanding medical field we find ourselves in today. According to the Michigan Society for Medical Research, animal experimenting has increased exponentially in the last couple of years, which accounts for the significant improvement in the length and quality of our lives (Better Health through Biology). As animal based experimentation has increased in popularity in many medical labs through out the world, a popular and highly debated topic about animal experimentation has risen between scientists who believe that the experiments are only beneficial to humans and animal rights activists who believe that the experiments are immoral and cruel. These debates between the two groups have caused a slight decrease in animal experimentation. Since animal experimentation is an underlying cause for the many profound breakthroughs in the medical field such as improved vaccines and surgical procedures, animal experimenting in the medical field should not be abolished. Vaccines were created as a result of animal experimentation, and today play a pivotal role through out the entire world of medicine. Every scientist and researcher wishes to improve the health of humans, and with animal based research new and improved medicines have been produced as a result. Vaccines have been produced solely
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Castrejon 2 by animal experimentation due to the fact that many animals who were experimented on share similar structure with that of a human and they contain immunity to specific diseases like smallpox and anthrax (Vaccines). Due to specific animals such as cats, pigs, and goats that have immunity to diseases such as smallpox and polio, scientists use them as the foundation of their research to create and improve vaccines that are used world wide to prevent and cure ailments found in third world countries and even in modern technically advanced nations (Vaccines). Only a few decades ago were people dying due to diseases such as smallpox, the common cold, and polio and in some cases massive world wide deaths occurred such as the great flu pandemic after World War I. People died because of these diseases at an alarming rate without hope of ever being cured or even having some sort of treatment for their condition but as time moved along scientists began producing vaccines to treat and completely annihilate past diseases as threats. According to the National Association for Biomedical Research, “Virtually every
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controversial issue research essay - Castrejon 1 Samuel...

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