Dracula ap card FINISH CRITICAL COMMENTARY - Samuel...

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Samuel Castrejon Period 4 March 3, 2011 Dracula, Bram Stoker, 1897 Major Characters: The major characters in Bram Stoker’s Dracula are Van Helsing, Count Dracula, Mina Murray, Jonathan Harker, Lucy Westenra, John Seward,Reinfold, Arthur Holmwood Location: Dracula takes place in England and Eastern Europe, but more specifically the story takes place in a variety of locations that include Count Dracula’s castle in Transylvania. It also changes locations back to John Sweward’s asylum in England. The location of the story also shifts in location when Van Helsing goes off to search for Dracula’s caskets. Major Scenes: Jonathan Harker, a real estate agent travels to Count Dracula’s castle that is located in Transylvania which his in the eastern part of Europe, where he comes in strange encounters with the natives of this country. He travels to Transylvania to finalize a real estate deal with the Count (Chapter 1). Jonathan Stoker lives in Dracula’s Castle and realizes after a short time that the Count is a different man that doesn’t posses the normal qualities of a man who is truly “alive” and he later realizes that he is a prisoner inside the Count’s castle (Chapter 3) . Many strange events begin to occur in the towns and cities, a ship called the Demeter gets docked into a port where it is found that all of the crew members are dead, and as time continues on Lucy Westenra begins to exhibit unnatural characteristics and it is later discovered by Van Helsing that she has been bit by a Dracula (Chapter 7 ). A strange sequence of events begin to occur where many children disappear and reappear with neck bites similar to Lucy and it is later discovered that Lucy walks the night as a Vampire, Van Helsing and the others are forced to kill her in order to restore her soul so she can rest in peace (Chapter 15 ). When resting after restoring Lucy’s soul, Van Helsing hears a strange noise and runs to a room where she noticed that Jonathan is passed out and Dracula has bit Lucy’s neck and Lucy is forced to suck blood from
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Dracula ap card FINISH CRITICAL COMMENTARY - Samuel...

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