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Castrejon Sarai Castrejon Mr. Lim English 3CP 17 April 2009 Meaningful and Pure Motives In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby , Jay Gatsby cherishes life and lives it holding onto the memories that make his life beautiful. That consists of the time he had with Daisy, his love and most beautiful memory. That is the reason as to why he decides to cherish his life and the object that makes it so beautiful to him. She is his reason for living basically. From the time he meets her, she becomes the motivate for the things he does because what he wants is to relive that moment and have it always be that way even though it is unrealistic because that moment will never be the same. It will only remain that way forever in his mind. Jay Gatsby hasn’t been able to let go of Daisy and has kept the moment that they shared in his heart and hopes that he will see her again and relive that beautiful time. Jordan confesses to Nick: “I think he half expected her to wander into one of his parties, some night, but she never did…you should have heard the elaborate way he worked up to it” (79). Gatsby is hopeful that he and Daisy will meet up again and catch up from where they left off so that they can relive that happy moment that he enjoyed so much and keep it from dying so that it may continue forever. Gatsby represents the dreamers and romantics that see life better than what it really is with this
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gatsby essay-sarai - Castrejon Sarai Castrejon Mr Lim...

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