In the Time of the butterflies AP card (edit)

In the Time of the butterflies AP card (edit) - Samuel...

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Samuel Castrejon Period 4 May 6, 2011 In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez 1994 Major Characters: Dede Mirabal, Minerva Mirabal, Patria Mirabal, Maria Teresa Mirabal, Rafael Trujillo, Mercedes Mirabal, Pedrito Gonzalez, Jaimito Manola, Enrique Mirabal, Captain Pena, Norius Minou, Virgilio Morales, Manuel De Moya, Lina Lovaton, Sor Asuncion, Magdalena, Margarita Location: In the Time of the Butterflies takes place in the Dominican Republic during the dictator rule of Rafael Trujillo, the stories changes from various location within the Dominican Republic such as San Francisco, and the countries capital. . Major Scenes: The story starts out with Dede being interviewed by a woman over her and her sisters’ courageous and famous deeds (Chapter 1). As a young girl Minerva is unaware of the horrors of her dictator Trujillo until she attends a catholic boarding school and learns the truth by her roommate (Chapter 2). Years have passed since her boarding school years and now Minerva meets Virgilio Morales, an enemy of the state, and she becomes interested in his revolutionary thinking (chapter 5). Trujillo invites the Mirabal family to a party in his home and then Minerva gets sexual harrased by him (Chapter 5). The Mirabal family gets threatened by the state when they are accused of harboring Morales (chapter 5). The Mirabal sisters, along with their husbands join an rebellion movement against the government (Chapter 7). All those apart of the movement are arrested, which includes the Mirabal sisters and their husbands (Chapter 9). All the Mirabal sisters, except Dede, spend their time in jail for conspiring against the government, while in jail they spend time with fellow women in the cell and stay in jail for months (chapter 12). The son of Patria is released from jail after Patria is whipped in front of her son in return for his cooperation in a job, their husbands however remain locked up in jail (Chapter 12). The Mirabal sisters plan on going together to visit their husbands but Dede refuses to go for she
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In the Time of the butterflies AP card (edit) - Samuel...

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