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Castrejon 1 Samuel Castrejon Mrs. Angus Honors English II Period 4 10/12/10 Finding One’s Self The Joy luck Club, a novel composed of many of vignettes written by Amy Tan, tells the story of four different Chinese immigrant families. The Hsu family, the Woo family, the Jong family, and the St. Clair family are the four families included in the novel. The novel focuses on different aspects on the mothers’ life, the difficulties the families face as immigrant Chinese families, and the hardships the mothers’ face when trying to relate to their Chinese values into their Americanized daughters. Amy Tan’s The Joyluck Club , is a novel filled with many vignettes that uses the characters within the vignettes to illustrate the ongoing problems of finding one’s identity. In the vignette, “The Moon Lady”, Ying-Ying St. Clair exemplifies the problem of finding her own identity. Ying-Ying reminisces over a moon festival that took place during her kid years and states to herself “All these years I kept my true nature hidden, running along like a small shadow so nobody could catch me” (67). Ying-Ying shows that she keeps her true identity hidden by covering it up with a false identity. The result of Ying-Ying hiding her true identity with a false one causes a problem within the two identities because the two identities will conflict with one another over the years and Ying-Ying will no longer be able to determine her true identity. Ying-Ying not only causes problem within her in not being able to find her true identity but also effects how others around her perceive her identity. When Ying-Ying is speaking to her mother, she questions about the moon lady and continues to question about the moon lady until her mother says “A girl can never ask, only listen” (70). Ying-Ying is causing problems with
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Castrejon 2 her identity as a girl by questioning everything in a society where girl’s questions are deemed inappropriate and without value. Her questioning of things causes an identity
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JLC essay - Castrejon 1 Samuel Castrejon Mrs Angus Honors...

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