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Castrejon 1 Samuel Castrejon Mrs. Lanz English 3 Honors 25 October 2011 Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, focuses on the chaos that ensues when members of a small Puritan society in Salem are accused of witchcraft and satanic acts by a group of young girls that are motivated by fear of punishment. The society believed that everyone of its member should live by the high moral standards found in the bible and that deviation from these standards can result in great consequences. A group of town officials and reverends use these standards in their implication of justice that is based off of accusations with no physical evidence which “cleanses” the town of many innocent puritans and many of its most revered citizens that refused to give in to false accusations. The Puritan Society’s idea of justice comes from the moral wrongs and rights taught in the bible which accounted for the theonomic government built upon the bases of accusation and forced confession rather than reason and logic. Reverend Hale, a respected reverent in the field of the supernatural, comes to Salem to inspect the alleged acts of witchcraft. Hale inspects the daughter of Reverend Paris who lays unconscious without any sign of physical illness. In his inspection, Abigail Williams, the niece of Reverend Paris, accuses the housemaid Tituba of sending spirits towards the child. In this frenzy Hale begins to question Tituba in a threatening manner “You have sent your spirit out upon this child, have you not? Are you gathering souls for the devil” (1118) ? The idea of accusation to create justice comes in the early stages of the play. Hale, usually a very logical man, loses his reasoning and logical
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Castrejon 2 thinking when Abigail accuses the housemaid because the housemaid does not follow the moral rights in the bible. Tituba is from a different area where they focus on different acts of worship, and since those worships are not considered right in the eyes of the Puritan which makes her an easy target for accusation though she is innocent. Hale’s blindness in his reason and logic comes early in the play and from this moment on, accusation begins to take precedence over logic and reasoning in the Puritan society when deciding between right and wrong. After a great amount of trials in Salem, many citizens were put in jail
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justice essay - Castrejon 1 Samuel Castrejon Mrs Lanz...

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