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Chpt 5 1. As the colonial society was on the eve of Revolution, it was evident that colonial America was no longer “getting started” but it was rather succeeding and flourishing in its endeavors and various occupations. At this point in time in colonial America the population was around a whopping 2.5 million with a average age of 16 years old. Colonial America consisted of English, Germans, Scots, Dutch, and Swedes. America during this time was known as the land of opportunity, anyone who would be willing to work would be successful in this new country, so many people went from rags to riches with a small social distinction emerging. Plantation owners in the south also prospered from their work and from the work of their slaves, slaves who began populating naturally. More than half of the colonists were farmers so agriculture was the primary source of work, but it was no problem since farmers had fertile soil and could grow almost anything imaginable. Fishing and the Triangular Trade also took place between New England, West Indies, and Africa helped shape America’s economy and let it to increasing wealth over the years with trading of raw materials and manufactured products. Sustainable jobs and hospitable environmental conditions along with religious freedome led to the rise of the population in Colonial for colonists could now provide food and income for their families for long periods of time and these factors also lead to a rise in wealth for farmers can now export raw materials new to most parts of the world that were in high demand for exotic materials, all this commerce led to the exponential growth of colonial America’s wealth Chapter 4. #9 Life in the seventeenth century colonies was tough and short. In the newly settled Chesapeake region, disease struck the population of young settle in the region, drastically
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last 4 apush - Chpt 5 1. As the colonial society was on the...

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