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Author: The source was created by James B. Pritchard, an American archaeologist. Pritchard was honored with the Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Archaeology Achievement in 1983, validating the credibility of his work. His records are not bias in any way, therefore the source’s meaning is not affected by anything aside from facts. Context: The source was created at Princeton University , New Jersey in 1969. This does not affect the meaning in any way except further proving the credibility of the source as strictly informational. Audience: The source most likely created for those interested in learning about ancient Mesopotamia , specifically Babylon ’s New Year Festival. This does not directly affect the document’s meaning, but influences the information it contains and the purpose of the source. Purpose:
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Unformatted text preview: The source was created to inform people of ancient Mesopotamia ’s religion belief, which were brought into sharper focus by the New Year’s festival. This ensures that the primary document is educational and that its meaning is to serve as a tool for those interested. Significance: The Mesopotamian Creation Myth and several other New Year’s festival ceremonies can be learned from the source. One could also infer that there was a strict social division in Mesopotamia , that Mesopotamians feared their gods, and that high religious positions had great power in society. The main idea of this source is that the Babylonian New Year’s Festival was a significant event that focused on pleasing the gods. The source is important in that it provided first-hand knowledge of Mesopotamia ’s religious beliefs....
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